Find out how Iodase Actisom Ice can transform your skin, reducing cellulite and improving your silhouette.

To combat cellulite, it is essential to use a targeted treatment . Iodase Actisom Ice, thanks to its Actisom® delivery system, offers a targeted release of the active ingredients, guaranteeing visible results.

  • Can many cellulite products irritate sensitive skin?

    Iodase Actisom Ice is dermatologically tested to guarantee a safe and effective treatment even on the most delicate skin , thanks to its formulation with Peppermint which offers a refreshing and soothing effect .
  • Can an uneven silhouette negatively affect your self-esteem?

    By using Iodase Actisom Ice regularly, you can reshape your silhouette. The combination of Escin and other natural active ingredients works to redefine the contours of the legs and buttocks , giving you smoother and more uniform skin.
  • Can water retention cause swelling and a feeling of heaviness?

    Iodase Actisom Ice helps reduce water retention , thanks to its active ingredients such as Centella Asiatica, improving circulation and reducing swelling .